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Owning a home was a dream to us, and Tulsi Estates made our dream come true.- Dr. Kamble

One of the benefits of this place is that it is in the lap of Nature, yet in the heart of the city. Along with the amenities and the transportation availability, this place is not only a home for us, but a lifestyle.- Advocate Bhavna Banote

Investing in Tulsi Estates is just the answer to my housing needs. It has got lifestyle written all over it, and also has future appreciation value.- Mr. Hitendra Shah

Corporate Social Responsibility

Tulsi Estates believes in doing its little bit towards helping the underprivileged in society. Tulsi mainly works with education and development of children.

As part of the education formation, we aim to teach children the past and the future of mankind and preparing themselves for life. Developing their curiosity in the ever enquiring minds and showing them the genesis of things that are. We try to teach them to think individually and rise in life.

Tulsi Estates - Shiksha Abhiyaan

July 2014

Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large.

With this belief Tulsi Estates ventured this time in distributing education material to Toraskar Adavasi Ashram School in Karav Village near Vangani station.

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Blood Donation Camp

Coming Soon - March 2013

Continuing with teaching the habits of man and the importance of life, we have also organised a Blood Donation drive. The life of stored blood is about four weeks, and though the components of blood can be utilised after that, oxygenated blood does not last long and hence, the need to constantly refill the blood banks. It is a blessing that we are doing to ourselves. Whatever we do comes back to us karmically, and we prosper and progress.

Education Trip - Jijamata Udyan

December 2012

Our trips to the Zoo showcase to children, the various animals in their natural habitats. This process of showing children the various animals and the lifecycle of insects, amphibians and birds, we are opening their minds and showing them life; and hence the survival of humanity. Dr. Salim Ali of the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) emphasised that conservation must be based on scientific research. Saving out Earth from the destruction of wildlife will only lead to progress in humanity.

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Education Trip - Nehru Science Centre

December 2012

Our trips to these mind opening venues help show children the genesis of our Earth and the stars. The trips showcase the various planets, and origins of stars. Giving a factual basis to developing minds, we get a humanity that is scientifically inclined. A race of the next generation, as Scientist, ‘Missile Man of India’ and Former President, Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam reiterates that a thinking mind is an open mind, and an open mind is progress.